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See your business as buyers see it
We equip business owners with the knowledge and strategies to significantly increase the value of their business. If you own a company, you may not want to sell it now or ever, but at some point you or your family will want to realise its worth.

Our core mission revolves around helping you understand how to value your business and when is the right time to shift direction. We have proprietary data, gathered from over 70,000 business transitions that we apply to your business and identify the necessary goals and activities to move the needle for you.

Incynergy will help you see your business as buyers see your business.  More importantly, we give you the tools to increase your score in the metrics they look at. 

Valuations are expressed as multiples of Pre-Tax Profit.  Average valuations vary between 1.5x and 3x.  Out of the 70,000 entrepreneurs who engaged in our research, the average starting point was a multiple of 3x.  Some of those switched-on owners who went through the value building programme increased their multiple to a staggering 7.5x.  With Incynergy, this is a realistic aspiration.  


Can you afford not to know your score? 

Your vision
Your portfolio
Your business
Can you afford to not know your score?
Three pillars For a solid transition

Share your vision

Where does your vision live? We find many business owners have their vision in their head and share pieces of it in an ad-hoc fashion.  They share pieces of it with their team and customers, but it is rarely clearly and concisely shared or documented. The problem with this is that your team who build your business with you, working day in and day out, will approximate you vision as best they can. 

Know your portfolio

Did your home value increase in 2022? Certainly, it varies depending on where you live.  The European and UK markets were up c.10%.  How much did your stock portfolio increase over the last 12 months? The FTSE100 up 1%!  The  Dow Jones was down 8%. How did your portfolio do?  These are significantly underwhelming numbers that affect you and you have NO control over them.  You can control your business value.

Steer your business

Are you hurting your business value?  If you are the reason your business is successful then you could be hurting it.  Business Scalability means organisations don’t rely on their owners to be successful; they are organised!  Be the reason others are able to be successful and achieve results for your company.   Reliance on the owner and scalability are just two of the 8 Key Drivers of Business Value that you can control.

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