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at your service
you choose how we work together
ALL engagements start with FREE consultancy up front.
There is no commitment from either party to continue once the initial report is delivered. This approach ensures we have plenty of opportunity to get to know you and establish a mutually comfortable fit between you, your company, and Incynergy.
For free, we take you through Steps 1 to 3, whereupon we present the detail of your score, based on The 8 Drivers that effect the value of your company. The report will outline suggestions for improving your score either by leveraging your strengths, taking opportunities, or addressing weaknesses. It will be at this session where we discuss how, and if, we may work together going forward.
Steps 1 to 3
After discussing the FREE report, you may decide to design both the strategy and delivery plans yourself, and go on to manage the execution through our platform; with a little hand holding from us.

This path involves a modest investment for set-up, and an ongoing monthly subscription.

The set-up covers the configuration and security profile of your platform, and your training. The subscription is for the cloud based platform, and ongoing weekly calls with your Account Manager.

You may cancel at any time.

Steps 1 to 10
When discussing the FREE report, it may become apparent that the value opportunities are too great to miss out on, yet your internal management resource don't have the experience or bandwidth to manage change, and would put business-as-usual at risk if they tried.

This path is where Incynergy partners with you and your management team to plan, budget and execute on your value building journey.

These types of engagement typically have contract periods but not always.

Subject to contract.

Full Service
Steps 1 to 10 + Change Team
If your business is already well organized but complex, it may require an extra set-of-hands to orchestrate change.

Our full service option is where, between us, we establish Roles & Responsibilities that projects need and augment your personnel to help get things done.

This is particularly where your staff are specialized (Subject Matter Experts) and will be regularly required to work with our Change Team to design improvements.

Subject to contract.

Our little videos: Incynergy in under 6 minutes
Variation On These Themes
We are always keen to speak with forward thinking business owners who have a view on how Incynergy might share some of the investment required to make change in organizations. Some leaders refer to it as 'sharing the risk' or 'risk / reward' or 'skin in the game'. Whatever you call it, we can discuss it, because we can link our work to the value system and see in real-money, the difference Incynergy will make; quantifiable ROI projections.
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