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At Incynergy, we specialize in providing consulting services to equip business owners with the knowledge and strategies that will increase the value of their business, and keep it aligned to their aspirations; be that leverage, succession, merger, or a sale / exit. This does not just focus on revenue. Indeed, revenue is just one of eight proven drivers we will work on together.

Our core mission revolves around helping you understand how to value your business and when is the right time to shift direction. We have proprietary data, gathered from over 70,000 business exits that we apply to your business and identify necessary goals and activities that will move the needle for you.

Incynergy will give you the knowledge of how others value your business, and give you the tools to maximize its value accordingly. 

Visualize a scenario where your value escalates from a modest multiple of 3x, to a staggering 7.5x+. With Incynergy by your side, this vision is not fantasy — it’s an attainable reality waiting to be realised.

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